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All Dronelyzers at a Glance


Dronelyzer MIL

The COMINT module ensures the collection, analysis, and interpretation of electromagnetic signals emitted by various sources such as radio stations, mobile phones, radio relay systems, and others. It is capable of identifying the location and source of signals, as well as analyzing their parameters and characteristics.

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Dronelyzer Stationary

Stationary anti-drone system Dronelyzer is used to protect private territories and property, military and penitentiary service facilities, border state regions against encroachments, invasions, and terroristic attacks caused by drones and UAV



Dronelyzer Portable

ANTI-DRONE SYSTEM DRONELYZER MOBILE detects drones among other signals. Can be installed on the vehicle.

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All Dronelyzers (drone detectors) are connected to our server for receiving new updates, assistance in expert mode, hardware/software repairs and other needs.

Fast Performance

The Dronelyzer evaluates the RF situation every 10 seconds in dozens of frequency bands of 56 MHz each, detecting various signals and analyzes them for receiving the RF signals between a drone and its remote control

Easy to Use

The Dronelyzer is compact and light weight therefore it is easy to use. It has only one button - turn on/off. Resistant to failures and inclement weather such as strong rain, wind, snow, etc.

Top Security

The system can be equipped with a jammer by the request. The jammer turns on automatically for a few minutes when a drone is detected. That affects on the drone therefore it loses control and lands after a while.

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