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The MIL module ensures the collection, analysis, and interpretation of electromagnetic signals emitted by various sources such as drones, radio stations, mobile phones, radio relay systems, and others. It is capable of identifying the location and source of signals, as well as analyzing their parameters and characteristics.

This module allows detecting and tracking potential threats and enemy operations, as well as the implementation of information security measures.


An automated multifunctional radio intelligence complex designed for assessing

the electromagnetic environment, searching, detecting, recording,

and analyzing radio emissions in the frequency range of 30-6000 MHz

  • Frequency range 30-6000 MHz;

  • 3 independent physical processing channels and 64 virtual channel;

  • Spectrum analyzer up to 18 GHz;

  • Detection and classification of unmanned aerial vehicle control channels;

  • Option to send data monitoring and processing center;

  • Digital mobile radio analytical tool.

Not all types of drones can be detected by this equipment. It is designed to combat both hobby class, professional, and handmade drones which represent up 99% of the total amount. Equipment is not designed to detect military drones

User Interface

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Spectrum analyzer with simple in use signal measurement instruments and drone detection/classification function. 9 kHz – 18 GHz Frequency range


Detection and classification of most popular drone protocols types:



Lightbridge 1

Lightbridge 2

OcuSync 1

OcuSync 2

OcuSync 3

OcuSync 4


ZALA / Lancet




сигнали WiFi

Narrowband signals
Noise Signals

New types can be added (needed IQ signal of drones)

The system intercepts, demodulates, and decodes the following radio communication standards:

APCO 25 (phase I, II) (Project-25; P-25);

DMR Tier (ETSI TS 102361;

MotoTrbo (Motorola version);

DMR (Hytera version);

dPMR (Tier I + Tier II, Mode 1+2) (ETCI TS 102490);

NXDN, NXDN 2400Bd, NXDN 4800Bd (NEXEDGE (Kenwood); I

DEN (Icom);



This device has not been authorized for sale to non-Federal users as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission. This device is not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased other than to the United States Government or federal agencies until authorization is obtained. The Cold Sky Technology will not sell the DRONELYZER to non-federal users or any other unauthorized purchasers in the United States or its territories and will not complete any sales transactions originating with such consumers.

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