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Stationary and portable
counter drone systems by

Cold Sky Tech & Electronics Solutions 

Drones became a vital thread in Ukraine and all over the world recently

Dronelyzer can spot the tread and eliminate it

drone pilots.png
Antenna system and hardware of Dronelyzer antidrone system

Stationary anti-drone system Dronelyzer is used to protect private territories and property, military and penitentiary service facilities, border state regions against encroachments, invasions, and terroristic attacks caused by drones and UAV both most widespread hobby class or handmade, amateur or professional (non-military)


of the system Dronelyzer

ANTI-DRONE SYSTEM DRONELYZER protects against drones.

• Detects presence of a drone only, does not respond to other signals

• Gives a warning of a drone's presence with both visual and audio signals

• Indicates type of a drone's signals modulation

• The system automatically turns on the jammer to make forced landing of the drone (can be added by special request)

• Dronelyzer works automatically and does not require additional training for personnel 

• Keeps logs of actuations, protocols, as well as archives the primary data further used to conform substations of the alarm

• The system software automatically recognizes electromagnetic spectra of familiar and unfamiliar drones, detects presence of a drone accurately, even if its type is unknown in the first place​

The system can currently identify and select from other signals:

Signals from all DJI drones and some drones from other manufacturers: Parrot, Yuneec, Hubsan

• WiFi 


• Narrowband signals

• Noise signals

• PAL/NTSC analog video signals

• ZALA Lancet Drones

• Autel max4


​System has embedded WiFi analyzer

User interface Dronelyzer system

• Radius of a drone detection: up to 3 miles

• Power supply: AC 110-240 V

Not all types of drones can be detected by this equipment. It is designed to combat both hobby class, professional, and handmade drones which represent up 99% of the total amount. Equipment is not designed to detect military drones



All Dronelyzers (drone detectors) are connected to our server for receiving new updates, assistance in expert mode, hardware/software repairs and other needs.

Fast Performance

The Dronelyzer evaluates the RF situation every 10 seconds in dozens of frequency bands of 56 MHz each, detecting various signals and analyzes them for receiving the RF signals between a drone and its remote control

Easy to Use

The Dronelyzer is compact and light weight therefore it is easy to use. It has only one button - turn on/off. Resistant to failures and inclement weather such as strong rain, wind, snow, etc.

Top Security

The system can be equipped with a jammer by the request. The jammer turns on automatically for a few minutes when a drone is detected. That affects on the drone therefore it loses control and lands after a while. The drone cannot fly away because the jammer blocks navigation signals as well.


antenna system of Dronelyzer
Dronelyzer interface screenshot

Jammers part (this part can be ordered by special request)

Main Jammers Block is equipped with antennas system and a tripod.

Each jammer consist of a microCPU, in which the programmed pseudo-random sequence is located. This sequence was developed specifically for the jammers, and has an effect of suppressing navigation and to control signals of drones 3-5 times more than classical solutions in the form of various sawtooth signals and other periodic signals, all other things are equal.

Jammers part consists of:

• PCBs Jammers for various frequencies, covered frequencies  - from 130 MHz  to 6000 MHz, placed in separate cases to prevent them from interfering with each other. Usually only a few frequency bands are used but no more than 8

• Cooling system

• RF Feeder cables

• Antennas

• Single power supply for all Jammers from 20 to 29.4 V, which can be obtained from the power supply unit,  or directly from 7 batteries type 18650 connected in series

Working radius of the Jammer system: up to 1.5 mile

How It Works

Anti-drone system Dronelyzer protects against drones

It consists of two parts: Sensor and Jammer (by request only)

Sensor part doesn't just show all electromagnetic field bursts but detects the drone presence in any electromagnetic environment directly. It doesn’t require the operator to know dozens of electromagnetic spectra, doesn’t require constant attention and attendance of the human being.

The system itself detects a drone within the secured territory boundaries and responds correspondingly. The jammer (if installed) turns on automatically.

The full system consists of two subsystems Main Sensor Block and Main Jammers Block (by the request only). The Main Sensors Block equipped with antennas systems and tripod. It should be mounted to the tower or on the highest place. Such towers are intended to accommodate the system elements above the level of trees and obstacles; height of the towers is determined depending on the terrain relief.

Radius of drone detection:    up to 3 miles

Power supply:                     AC 110-240 V

ANTIDRONE SYSTEM DRONELYZER is a next generation system protecting against UAV

Sensor part consists of:

• Computer 

• SDR receiver

• Router 4G/LTE

• RF cables

• Antennas 

• Main unit with cooling system

radius that is covered by Dronelyzer


We provide open API so Dronelyzer can be integrated in any system. Also we can integrate your systems into Dronelyzer. 



How it looks like



What You Get

Dronelyzer - Drone Detector

Detector Part:

- Main unit

- Two antennas

- Cables and Feaders

- Tripod

- Instruction manual

Dronelyzer - Jammer Part

Jammer Part (by special request only):

- Main unit

- Four antennas

- Cables and Feaders

- Tripod

- Instruction manual


This device has not been authorized for sale to non-Federal users as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission. This device is not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased other than to the United States Government or federal agencies until authorization is obtained. The Cold Sky Technology will not sell the DRONELYZER to non-federal users or any other unauthorized purchasers in the United States or its territories and will not complete any sales transactions originating with such consumers.

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